“Seriti, Sotho meaning the shadow that you cast. Mountains, trees or objects cannot cast this shadow, only humans. It is unique to you. No two are alike. It is the legacy you leave behind, the consequence of each and every choice you make. Humans do not live in isolation, but rather cast their shadows on all those around them”.

Seriti Films is a commercials production company that represents some of the industries finest directors, including: Thabang Moleya, who directed the major box office success Happiness is a Four Letter Word (2016), and Ernest Nkosi who directed Thina Sobabili, the official Oscar selected film in 2014. Paul Ramaema, another director at Seriti, is among the top young director to watch in the industry, he has a passion for creating premium creative branded visual content for clients and agencies who are wanting to engage with the expanding online audience (also known as viral or online content).

The company is lead by Leanne Kumalo, as Executive Producer, who has been producer in the industry for over 13years having worked alongside the company’s current creative directors. The collective industry experience between these key players is what makes Seriti Films one of the leading production houses. We are a company that focuses on creating dynamic creative teams, an essential ingredient for the creative industry.

Seriti Films is a proud level 2 BBBEE company.