Lindo Langa

Gomora Star Sishii BreakOut Music Video

Johnnie Walker – Philosophy

Thuma Mina

Ami Faku – Imali

Gomora Promo

Anati – Wena

Gomora Title Sequence

Lindo Langa is an enthusiastic (albeit socially awkward) young director with a deep love of cinema. Born and raised in sunny Durban this wunderkindt was brought up on a balanced diet of Goodfella’s, Star Wars, Ghostbusters and Singin’ In The Rain. These titles helped forge the filmmaker he is today. After working as second unit director on Africa’s first-ever Netflix original Queen Sono, Lindo is always looking to refine his craft on more series, music videos and ultimately transitioning to features. With a passion for all forms of content and Lindo has a knack for visual storytelling and hopes to imbue all his future projects with an air of childlike wonder that will make you believe in magic again.