The Herd

Twenty-eight years ago, Bheki Mthethwa sacrificed his wife in order to acquire the wealth that saved the life of his ailing baby daughter, Kayise. His actions were informed, guided and influenced by a powerful young witch, MaMngadi. After the sacrifice, Bheki’s lone cow, which was given as a gift by his wife’s brother Magubane gives birth to what will become an impressive herd. And MaMngadi inserts herself into his life as his new wife. 


We meet the Mthethwas as they battle the biggest cattle thefts of their lives. Bheki urges his wife to find a magical solution to the problem. It turns out that his daughter Kayise is the sacrifice. Knowing that Bheki would not yield easily, MaMngadi slowly bewitches poisons to get him to the point where he would accept what needs to be done. In the meantine, Bheki chooses, and convinces Kayise to be his successor over Muzi. Now MaMngadi is even more driven to get Bheki to kill Kayise. She almost succeeds when her enchantment on Bheki works. But just before the big moment, Kayise is shot and kidnapped by cattle thief, who turns out to be Lwandle, the dowdy waitress from the Mthethwa shisanyama. Connected to Magubane, she has an even deeper knowledge about the Mthethwas than anyone could have ever imagined. 

As Lwandle nurses Kayise back to health, she tells her the truth about the murder of her mother. The two women fall in love. And when Bheki finally finds his daughter he is shocked to find out she loathes him, now that she knows what he did. MaMngadi uses her most powerful means yet to convince Bheki to kill Kayise. When he fails, se decides to do it herself. She succeeds in killing Bheki but not Kayise as Lwandle shows up at a critical second. MaMnagdi convinces everyone that Bheki was the evil one all along. And she becomes Kayise’s greatest ally as she plans her murder. Ultimately MaMngadi plans a spectacular murder for Kayise. Lwandle arrives just in time to shoot down  MaMnagdi’s but not without being shot herself. Her last words reveal the truth about to Kayise who now has to reunite with her siblings and face their greatest enemy yet: their (step)mother. 

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